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Terms & Policy

DesigningImpression.com believes in conducting its services through some terms and policy. This terms and policy governs the manner in which we collect, maintain, and use information collected from customers. This terms and policy is applied to the website as well as on the products and services being offered .

Non-personal Identification Information

Whenever the users visit our website, we collect some non-personal identification information. This type of information may include the name of browser, as well as some sort of technical information about users, which may be linked to the means through which they get connected to our website. This technical information may include information regarding operating system and the internet service providers. 

Personal Identification Information

It is among our requirements that we need some of your personal information in order to contact you when you place an order. The personal identification information that we might need includes user name, address, email, contact number, credit card information and some other information required. We provide you assurance that you do not have to worry about your personal information, as it would be kept in complete privacy.

How we use collected information

DesigningImpression.com collects and makes use of the personal information of customers for the following purposes:

  • To improve customer service: Information that we providehelps us in improving our customer service facility
  • To improve our performance: With the help of your collected personal information,  we gain the ability to improve our performance with the help of feedback gained by our users
  • To personalize user experience: We use the collected information to understand how our customers use our services and resources
  • To send emails: We collect the user information so that we can send to our regular and loyal customers the updates related to our services or any sort of discounts offered by us. This email address or contact information helps us to contact to you immediately at the time of emergency.

Protection of Information

We consider it as our responsibility to secure the personal information of our customers. We make use of proper data collection, storage, and processing measures so that unauthorized access to personal information and illegal use can be avoided.  We are of the opinion that protection of personal information of our customers is our responsibility and we conduct every possible step to secure your personal information.

Use of Cookies

Our site may make use of cookies so that user experience can be enhanced. Cookies are placed on the hard drive of your system by your web browser. These cookies are placed in order to track the information about the web browser used by you so that we can improve our services according to your web browser.


We enjoy the right of making amendments that are considered essential by us. Customers are suggested to keep proper check in the privacy and terms so that they come to know about any sort of changes.

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